Easy Pumpkin Patch Brownies

Looking for a quick but fun treat for your Halloween get-together this next week? Pumpkin Patch Brownies are a quick and easy way to make it look like you spent hours in the kitchen.

I had a little help from a few of my friends. If you have the time and want to save on pre-made items feel free to bake your own brownies and whip up your own chocolate frosting. Please let me know if you make your own pumpkins, too!

Here’s a picture tutorial of the steps to finished product. I squiggled on a few green leaves and vines to give my patch a little more detail and make folks think I really slaved away.

The only item I personally made was the green icing. Here’s my formula for quick and easy colored icing – 2 tablespoons powdered sugar sifted : 2 drops green food coloring : a splash of water. Then just play around with the consistency. I only mixed up this tiny amount and put it in a plastic baggy but you can use that ratio to make more. I have decorating tips, but you could also snip a small hole in the corner of your baggies to get the job done!

There you have it – easy peasy! So easy, in fact, a six-year-old can do it! Don’t you love his RED hair? DH took him to the Pumpkin Palooza at work yesterday and he came home with red hair. Thankfully it did (mostly) wash out for school today!

Tomorrow morning the ladies ministry at my church is having a Mugs & Muffins get-together. We can pop in between 9 and 10:30 with our favorite mug and enjoy a muffin and fellowship!- how fun is that?

After that my family will be cheering the HOGS onto a victory against Ole’ Miss (dear Lord, I pray). We are also going to carve pumpkins and dress the door for Halloween this weekend. BBC drew me a picture of what he wants it to look like. There WILL be compromise involved. Oh my!

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How about you? What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

~Southern Fried Gal

I’m linking up to these parties for more weekend fun!

Weekend Bloggy Reading

  • AM from White House, Black Shutters
    October 22, 2010

    How easy can it get? I love those, so quick yet it looks like you spent some time in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing, visiting from Amanda’s.

    Have a happy Friday!
    -Ann Marie

  • Turley Times
    October 22, 2010

    Visiting from Serenity Now – those are way cute! Sam’s sells brownie bites that are to die for…I think I will have to jazz them up the way you did sometime. Thanks for sharing!


  • Michelle
    October 22, 2010

    I love short cut cooking! Especially since baking is not an area I’m all that strong in, though I do try:-) What a fun way to make holiday treats with the kids! My two are going to love making and eating these!

  • Mary Joy
    October 22, 2010

    How wonderful! They look so yummy and I just love it when something gorgeous is so simple! Thanks for the great tutorial.

    Visiting from Amanda’s party!

  • Southern Lady
    October 22, 2010

    Love the pumpkin patch idea! I am going to the mountains to see the fall colors this weekend! Carla

  • FrouFrouBritches
    October 22, 2010

    Your little prayer about the Hogs cracks me up every week! Soo funny!

    Your little guy looks adorable with red hair and those yummy treats look wonderful! YUMMMMMM!

    Have a great weekend and GO HOGS!

  • Amanda @ Serenity Now
    October 23, 2010

    Those look delightfully yummy!!! I love cute seasonal snacks like that. :) Thanks for linking up with me. :)

  • Jennifer
    October 23, 2010

    these are SO cute. You always have the best ideas!

  • Bridget
    October 23, 2010

    Love the idea…JP saw them and thinks we are having them at a birthday party??? Anyway, I will have to make those when I go to the pumpkin patch with his school…TOO CUTE and super EASY!!

  • Sue
    October 23, 2010

    Nothing wrong with taking the easy way out when the end result is so cute and tasty!

  • Paula
    October 23, 2010

    Gosh those look good!! Mugs and Muffins sounds like a fun morning!

  • Jessica
    October 24, 2010

    So cute! Love them!


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