Christmas 2013 Recap

What a December! With the maximum time between Thanksgiving and Christmas I just knew we were going to be able to slow down and enjoy the season. It all started perfectly at a local shop where we picked out this gorgeous tree. 

After soaking in water overnight, the decorating began. The boys talked me into big, colored lights this year. I’m more of a warm, small light kind of gal but I figure every now and again I should let the rest of the house have a say. I wove in a bit of red ribbon and then BBC got busy loading the tree up with ornaments. He was so cute standing on that trunk and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture – even if he was in his skivvies!

AND shortly after that is where everything got crazy! This pretty lady, my Granny, gave us a big scare later that night. I rushed to Fort Smith in the middle of the night to be with her and help Mom (who was caring for my step-dad since he had just gotten out of a 20+ day stay in the hospital). Granny got a pacemaker the next day and was home the day after that.  A few days later my mom had surgery and the day after that my step-dad went back into the hospital. Crazy, right?

Lucky for me I have this charming little Santa to help calm the crazy. Doesn’t that sweet face just melt your heart?

Somehow we managed to slow down in time for Christmas and spend time with DH’s family out on the farm. It was warm enough for short sleeves on Christmas Eve.

 Four hours on the road and a big day at the farm were enough to wear HULK out. He just had enough energy to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and set out cookies and milk for Santa before crashing.

Santa appreciated the effort…

Our little family enjoyed a quiet Christmas at home.

Even though I was only able to add a little Christmas cheer to the door, mantel and tree, we still enjoyed a magical holiday. I think there is a lesson in there somewhere. 

Yet again it was the “best Christmas ever”. 

And later that evening, we received the gift of a White Christmas. We got about nine inches of snow which a rare sight in our neck of the woods – especially when we were wearing short sleeves the day before! 

I like how nature created this beautiful cake in our backyard as if to say, Happy Birthday to the King!

We haven’t had a chance to celebrate with my side of the family, yet. My step-dad is still in the hospital but the gals (Mom and Granny) seem to be fairing well. We are hoping things will settle down in time for Christmas in July.

How was your Christmas?

~Southern Fried Gal

  • Anonymous
    January 1, 2013

    This is the first time I’ve seen your site… thanks to a new friend that I’m following on Pinterest. Anyway, your decorating style is beautiful and I enjoyed reading about your Christmas. After all the tragedies and “fiscal cliff” news we’ve been hearing about this Christmas season, it is a wonderful feeling to know that there are good things still to see. May this new year bring you and your family blessings and renewed health.

  • Anonymous
    April 14, 2013

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