Christmas Door 2012

I’m excited to share how our Christmas door came together this year. Last year I started making the move to more natural materials and wanted to continue in that direction this year. 

I scored some gorgeous fresh cedar garland at Sam’s Club of all places! It was only $20 for 25 feet of garland. Time is money these days and that saved me from getting the buckets of fake garland from the attic, fluffing it and then stuffing it back in the buckets at the end of the year.

I wasn’t inspired to make a wreath this year and really wanted to do something a little different. I fell in love with these burlap pillows on but knew they wouldn’t work with my sofa.

Soooo – why not carry that inspiration to the door? I bought this burlap bag at Tractor Supply Company for a few bucks and used a red Sharpie to freehand the letters. Then I added a few boughs of cedar from the garland and snipped a few boughs of holly from the bushes around my yard. An over sized pine cone and a remnant of red ribbon add the the perfect finishing touches.

Birds LOVE my door in all seasons. We’ve had several batches of baby birds born and raised on the door. And my Christmas garland must be a cozy roost on those chilly December evenings. 

Having birds and doors on the brain at the same time led to my next inspiration. As soon as I saw these black wire bird feeders in Tuesday Morning for $3.99 each, I knew I had to scoop up every last one. The cashier and another customer asked what I was going to do with them.

I simply replied, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to use them as Christmas ornaments.” I’m not sure what they thought about me at that point. I never doubted how cute they would be. After adding a few hits of Rustoleum spray paint (in cardinal red, of course) I am giddy with the results – funky and unique Christmas ornaments. The best part is instead of packing them away into storage, I can fill them with nuts and seeds and give the birds a treat in the backyard!

To top off the look, I simply added lights, a few scallops of burlap ribbon and more ginormous pine cones. 

And of course it looks even better at night.

There’s no false advertising on this door – it brings me (and BBC) pure JOY to pull up to our home in the evenings. Don’t judge us if we decide to keep it even after the new year!

~Southern Fried Gal

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  • Linda@Coastal Charm
    January 2, 2013

    Love what you did here…keep it up as long as you like:) Happy New Year!!


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