It seems the Arkansas weather has finally decided to stay above freezing which means I can plant my favorite succulents without fear. Mom always had a pot or five of hen and chicks so succulents bring back warm, fuzzy memories from childhood. I used to try and grow these indoors but I have found more joy in planting them outside. They can almost be planted and forgotten – almost.

Echeveria is probably my favorite succulent family. Pictured above is my Echeveria, Perle Von Neurnberg. It has a soothing effect over me. Maybe it’s the beautiful pinkish purple color. Maybe it’s the perfect point at the tip of each leave. Maybe it’s how they are perfectly organized around the center of the plant. Sigh. Did I mention this is my favorite?


I like to have a variety of succulent types and colors and textures. This is Pachyveria hybrid glauca also known as Little Jewel. It’s a good option to tie together green and pink succulents as well as add height to the arrangement.


Kalanchoe luciae intrigues me. I think it’s because in theory it organizes its leaves around a center but they seem more haphazardly placed than the Echeveria. The leaves are round – but not perfectly round. The blush around the edges adds a pretty touch to an otherwise tough appearance. There’s just something about this one.


If you want to add a different texture to your succulent garden, go for Kalanchoe tomentosa. This is another good plant to pull together colors in your arrangement and add height.

I also like to fill a rustic urn with this plant and showcase on a side table or shelf. It’s unexpected. If you decide to do the same, be sure it gets lots of light.


Succulents are fun to mix and match into arrangements in almost any container. I also like to showcase my favorites in a multi-pocket pot like this. It’s fun to watch them grow and fill in the pot. I can admire each individually or as an overall piece. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with succulents.

What is your favorite succulent and why?

~southern fried gal

  • gina
    May 9, 2014

    They’re my fave, too! Because: I can’t kill them :) I don’t have a green thumb at all. Thom still maintains them for me, though. I think he feels sorry for them-hahahaha.

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