Bird Houses {In the Country}

bird houses

Not many things warm my heart more than a man caring for wild birds. DH’s pappy loves Jesus, sweet tea and wild birds. He has the best bird real estate in Black Springs, AR.  Here are a few of the bird houses he’s built using scrap materials, a little creativity and a lot of love.

bird houses

Directly out the back door of Pappy’s home is this high rise unit located on the west side of town. One thing I love about country style – there’s little waste. Almost everything is upcycled. Notice how he pieced together each scrap of wood into a simple and clean little house. Even the sweet little {dead} tree it sits upon has new purpose.

bird houses

This cute little house is located on the north side of Pappy’s home. No matter where they are located, the opening for each faces east. I doubt this is a coincidence. I’ve heard this is a secret to attracting blue birds. Shhh…

Bird Houses

This bird house was crafted from leftover wood and aluminum siding. How precious is that? A white picket fence would be perfect for this house – if birds had a need for that sort of thing. I think my favorite part about this house is that it is hung securely with coated electrical wire.

bird houses

On the northeast corner of Pappy’s house, I found the home I would want if I were a bird. On first glance, the house is simply an old hollowed out log with scrap wood attached on top and bottom. Looking closer you start to see the details that were carefully planned and some that probably weren’t.

bird house

The sloped roof is a must have to avoid leaks. The same electrical wire secures the house to the tree. Did you notice that the roof is not really a scrap piece of wood but instead an old cabinet door? I’m likin’ the lichen (ooh – that was bad) that now covers most of the door. The rusty hinge over the opening adds even more charm. It matches perfectly with the rusted nail perch.

bird houses

This home has seen quite a few broods over the years. It was in need of a good cleaning and a little light repair work when we snapped these pictures. Maybe Pappy will upgrade to hardwood floors this time around.

I love the country charm of these bird houses. Each has its own unique look and story. If you are feeling inspired to craft a country bird house of your own, Birds and Blooms shares a few ideas with instructions for materials you may have on hand such as a coffee can, an old boot and cloth.

~southern fried gal

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