Gathering Moss

I’m officially three weeks post surgery and all it seems I do is sleep. I feel like these bricks – gathering moss. I ended up having a complication that has me down and out longer than expected. I have my good days and bad. It’s hard work not doing a thing – especially for those that are constantly doing something like me.

The absolute best thing I can say about all this is that I realize how truly blessed am. My family has been wonderful. I have also been blessed with gifts and cards from all over the country! This edible arrangement came from my friend Katie in Pittsburgh. Yum!

Friends continue to bless us with yummy dinners, too. This is such a blessing to our family. Sunshine @ Make Life Delicious brought this Mexican meal a couple of weeks ago. It was accompanied by a key lime pie. Double yum!

I hope to be back in gear soon. At the last visit they said it could take up to 3 months for everything to heal. Yikes. I appreciate all your prayers and well wishes.

Do you and your friends bless others with meals at times like this? I’m trying to determine if this is a southern tradition or if it translates across the miles. It is really an awesome way to bless a family.

~Southern Fried Gal

  • Paula
    June 7, 2011

    Sorry your recovery is taking so long. I hope that you’ll soon be back to normal.

    Around here people are very generous with providing meals when someone is sick or has a death in the family.

  • Kathy Zebert
    June 17, 2011

    I think it’s a Southern thing. I’m a Mississippi girl, transplanted to Texas and then Tennessee, and I still take comfort food to children, strangers who were nice to me for no reason, and sick friends. Just call me the “Bake and Take Lady”! :)

    Hope you feel better very soon!

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