Southern Fried Living {November 2012}

I logged on to do a post this evening and realized I only did one post in the entire month of November. That prompted a question, a quest and ultimately this post. So where in the world did the month of November go?A quick look back through my pictures and I’m quickly reminded. Of course I spent a good deal of time at work in lovely downtown Little Rock, which is beautiful this time of year.

After a good ol’ country Thanksgiving meal, I slipped out for a little solitude time on Pappy’s farm. There’s an old saying, you can take the gal out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the gal. No truer words have been spoken. There’s just something about open fields, weathered wood, rusty metal, rambling brooks, song birds and even cow pies that put this country-turned-city-turned-southern-fried-gal’s soul at ease.

I spent a little time turning the Alma Pizza Parlour into mass chaos with this rambunctious crew the weekend after Thanksgiving. Time with family and tasty pizza did not disappoint.

 I spent a lot of time faithfully watching this…
 even though most weekends we got these handed to us.

And when I wasn’t being a responsible wife and mother (of course) I spent way too much time on this…

looking for inspiration to doll up our Home Sweet Home up for Christmas.

Now that I’ve got that mystery solved, I can return to the not-so-regularly scheduled posts for December. Carry on!

~Southern Fried Gal

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