Last Minute Project: Santa Stop Here

A few weeks ago I mentioned to BBC that I was planning a surprise project for him. That child doesn’t forget things such as this. While he was at his Mamu’s today I decided to give it a go. The end project turned out even better than I imagined!

My original plan was to take a piece of scrap wood, have DH drill holes around the edge with a spade bit and then paint the message. A bit ambitious for a last minute project, I know.

We both started brainstorming options. As I was heading to the garage to start digging I passed this in the foyer. See that frame in the background? That was a project from earlier this season that didn’t quite turn out as envisioned. Perfect chance for a do-over!

I got a set of LED lights that change between red and green at Walgreen’s on clearance earlier tonight. They didn’t fit through the holes and I almost abandoned until I got the brainy idea to take off the bulb covers. Yay! That also got DH off the hook which made him quite happy.

With him off the hook, I decided to give myself a break, too. I jumped on the computer and used word art to quickly make the words. Next I printed them out and pasted them to a piece of foam board cut to fit the opening of the frame. I could have stopped there but wanted to jazz it up a bit more.

I grabbed a couple tools of the trade…

and it gave just the right touch of bling.

I needed to add a couple of pieces of foam board to make it tight in the frame. To finish it all off, I taped down the cords between the lights in the back so everything would stay in place.

Here it is all finished again. I can’t wait for BBC to see it! We will hang it out front somewhere prominent so Santa will be sure to see.
Are you still doing last minutes projects, too? 
~Southern Fried Gal
I’m joining Donna at Funky Junk for her Saturday Nite Special!
  • Judi
    December 25, 2011

    Cute idea…I have that mirror sitting behind a chair covered in dust. May try to figure out something to do with it after ssing your two ideas.
    It’s after midnight Christmas morning and I’m still trying to decide on how to decorate my coffee table for Christmas day. Think I’ll plop a candle on the table and call it a day. Time for Santa:)

  • Southern Fried Gal
    December 29, 2011

    Judi – I’ve had that mirror for at least 5 years and never used it. I finally popped the mirror out a month ago and I love it. I think it will become a chalkboard in its next transformation.

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