Hotel Transylvania Halloween Door

We LOVED our Halloween Door last year and I was fretting about coming up with something creative this year. BBC is eight now and he was suggesting some really creepy stuff – I just can’t go there. 
A few weeks back we went to see the Adam Sandler Hotel Transylvania movie and our inspiration was found. I think everything turned out pretty cute and BBC is more than excited. Here’s a quick tour…
My goal was to balance my Cheerfully Spooky aesthetic with BBC’s desire for a little creepiness. 
For my portion of the project, I made the tacky curtains and rigged together a candelabra using Christmas lights and two brass sconces from Goodwill ($6). I  finished it off with a few hospitable touches like the fun-house mirror turned welcome sign. I found that plastic mirror on deep clearance ($4) last year and my BFF made fun of me for getting it. It looks like carved wood and is perfect for our door.
I also added a couple of cheery mums and lanterns. I think the real wow factor comes from the stained glass windows. I was feeling extra crafty when we started and extra thankful when they were complete. I’ll share a quick tutorial on how I did the windows in my next post.
Now for the creepiness! Hotel Transylvania is protected from humans by a haunted forest and a graveyard of the undead. DH and BBC did this portion of the project. The only thing that really, really creeps me out are the skulls on the headstones. The goofy ghosts and heavy-handed spider web make me smile.
And here’s one final picture to see how it all comes together. BBC is thrilled and that makes me one happy mom!
Do you find it hard to balance the cute with the creep this time of year?
~Southern Fried Gal
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  • Rosemary
    November 10, 2012

    You have a delightful blog, I found it while looking for a tutorial on how to make a diaper tricycle (which I will attempt to do for my niece’s shower tomorrow) and voila, I found a great place to learn and enjoy the posts. I have a hard time balancing the creepy and cute at Halloween. I’m a big chicken and don’t like the gore of dripping blood and all that, your Hotel Transylvania inspired front is WONDERFUL. I read the stained glass tutorial and it is hard to believer that is tissue and contact paper. Well done. I’m going to enjoy visiting here and being inspired!

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