Pretty Veggie Platter

A couple of months ago our church hosted a ‘Tis the Season women’s ministry event. I realized a few days before that I was going to be able to attend so I inquired as to what type of snack I should bring. When I was asked to bring a veggie platter I was a little disappointed at first. How boring, right? 

Then I remembered one of my very first pins on Pinterest to a gorgeous veggie platter created by Eddie Ross. I pulled up the picture, studied it for a bit then got busy pulling together my own pretty veggie platter. I was in a hurry and didn’t even think to click on the link to Eddie’s post. I just figured it was another gorgeous picture but it really has detailed process as to how he created his platter. Since I re-invented the wheel I will share my process as well as it differs a bit.

I knew I wanted the foundation of my dish to be my gorgeous red pedestal stand. I figured most of the ladies would bring items that sat close to the table and this would help with space saving (and also provide a bit more wow).

I was tempted to use the fancy cabbage as Eddie did above but I was drawn to the gorgeous deep green leaves on this head of cabbage. It paired perfectly with the red dish to give a nod to Christmas.

The most challenging part of pulling this platter together (besides waiting until the last minute to do it) was getting the cabbage bowl hollowed out. Had I clicked through the link I would have been instructed by Eddie to use a melon baller. Maybe that would have helped OR maybe with my time crunch it would have stressed me out more. 

My solution, a metal ice cream scoop. This cut through the cabbage (giggle) quickly. The rim of my cabbage bowl was a little rougher than I would have preferred, but I attribute that to the time crunch.

I didn’t have time to cut up all the veggies so I grabbed a couple of bags of stir fry veggies and a couple of colorful bell peppers. When I’m stressed organizing calms my nerves so I enjoyed sorting the stir fry veggies as I arranged them around the platter. Sick, right?

I was pleased with the end result. It took about 40 minutes to pull this tray together. It was a beautiful addition to the table (if I do say so myself). It would also be lovely as a stand-alone, edible centerpiece.

Here are a couple more tips at no extra charge. My favorite veggie dip is light sour cream mixed with a package of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix. Easy Peasy!

My platter had to travel and I found it best to place plastic wrap over the dip and cabbage and then add another layer of wrap over the entire platter.

Remember this nifty trick the next time you are in a time crunch and/or want to bring a beautiful and healthy snack to a gathering. 

What’s your go-to recipe/idea for gatherings?

~Southern Fried Gal

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