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Where did half the month of March go already? Have I really only posted twice? Almost daily someone writes on my Facebook wall asking me where I am. And let’s not even discuss Twitter, the plethora of email awaiting my response and the pile of laundry that is taller than BBC.

I have a few reasons (or excuses, if you prefer) for my lack of activity. I already shared the flu plague that hit our home in February. I am still recovering from said plague further reminding myself of how close I am getting to the next decade of life and the changes my body is undergoing.

Another reason is a big change in my life. I’m excited to announce that I have rejoined the corporate world as a consultant for a local company. Lots of soul-searching, heart-felt conversations, and prayers went into my decision to rejoin this side of employment.

I mentioned that 2010 was a tough year and I did a lot of reconnecting with myself. In November I started getting this itch. In late December I started checking into opportunities and by January 21, I had an offer I couldn’t refuse. I consider myself to be extremely blessed to not only find employment but doing exactly what I had set out to do and in such a short time frame.

I started my new gig on February 7 and it has been a whirlwind of fun and excitement (minus the part about the flu). I get daily confirmation that this is the right choice for me in this moment.

Our silly selves after my first day of work.

Of course changes for me means changes for BBC and DH as well. BBC is going to an after school program from 3 – 6 pm. He LOVES it. They do snack and homework when they first get there. It’s at an athletic facility so the rest of the time is spent moving and playing. He has made several new friends and comes home red-faced every day. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So that brings me to lack of activity on my blog, Facebook, twitter, etc. As a Jill of All Trades the one thing I struggle most with is balance. I’m an all or nothing type of gal. I know this about myself. This has prompted me to sit down and remap out goals.

My blog brings great joy to my life and provides a creative outlet. I also love (and have desperately missed) your friendship. And you know I LOVE the home decor and entertaining aspect as well. SO look for me to get back on track with a few fun posts this week.

Another area where I struggle is in not asking for help and trying to do everything in my own might. To help fix this I am looking for guest bloggers. Do you have something you would love to share with my readers? Home decor projects, DIY ideas, door decor, recipes, kids projects, entertaining tips and the like are what I’m looking for. I have an opening this week if you have something handy. Drop me a line with your idea and we’ll go from there!

~Southern Fried Gal

  • gina
    March 14, 2011

    Congrats on the new job!! Sounds like you’re heading in a good direction :)

  • Paula
    March 14, 2011

    Congratulations on your new job! I hope you’ll tell us more about it. It is really hard to balance working outside the home, home and family responsibilities, and a blog.

  • FrouFrouBritches
    March 14, 2011

    Congrats on your new job! How exciting for you!!! So fun! Glad you are loving it and have found a great place for BBC after school.

  • Love the Decor!
    March 16, 2011

    Wow what a change for you! Congrats
    How will WH work into all of these new changes in your home

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