February 2013 Door Decor

I fell in love with my door again this month.  

I’ve been playing around with larger scale lately. This over-sized heart (crafted from sheet metal and wire) works brilliantly inside the window frame.

While I was bored with my door, I hadn’t lost that loving feeling for the wire bird feeders I used at Christmas. On a whim I tucked them around the base of the arborvitae on either side of the door.

That added just the right balance of color to the vignette to bring the eye down and across. Simple and lovely!

What’s something you fallen back in love with this month?

~Southern Fried Gal

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  • Francisco Close
    March 19, 2013

    The heart décor you used was pretty awesome. You really think of something that will suit with the Valentine’s season, huh? Did you put another décor after that? Well, I on the other hand, just usually put floral decorations. I also wanted to place a knocker, but I haven’t seen yet the one that I think the best for my door. :D

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