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A few weeks ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and met a room full of (mostly) new gals for paper crafts and fun.

paper crafts w/ friends

Gina  (Desperately Seeking Gina), pictured left above, invited me to join her for a Camp Lovely paper crafts night. It sounded like a lot of fun and I desperately (pun intended) wanted to spend time with Gina so I agreed to go. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m shy but I do have lots of shy moments – especially in a room full of new people.

I almost chickened out but thankfully Gina coached me the night before. She shared that Julie (eggs and herbs), pictured right above, was going to be there and promised it would be fun. She made good on her promise. We laughed and crafted and snorted and crafted some more.

Here are a few of the paper crafts that Christen Byrd guided us through that evening:


Pinwheels – these can become addicting quickly! I’ve resisted the urge to make more since camp. This is a handy trick to quickly and cheaply add a little fun to a party. 


This picture is filled with eye candy – and the girls aren’t bad either. Ha! Seriously – it was a lovely group of ladies and it was a blessing to spend the evening with them. These are the giant tissue paper poofs they created. We also learned how to make paper circle garlands (running down the table), paper dresses (not pictured) and cute banners (pictured in the top photo).

Paper Crafts

By far the coolest trick that Christen taught us was to take these dyed coffee filters (that she hand dyed prior to camp) . . .

paper crafts

and turn them into gorgeous paper flowers. I tried to convince her to give this away as a door prize but she wouldn’t hear it. I don’t blame her. They are fabulous.

paper crafts

This is how my flower turned out. Gina captured this picture. I think she worked some sort of camera magic because I don’t remember it looking quite this good.


This is how Gina’s flower turned out. Isn’t it pretty? The green paper was beautiful. It was really cool to see how everyone’s flowers turned out. We could probably do some sort of personality analysis based on finished product.

paper crafts camp

I’m glad Gina coached me to step outside my comfort zone and join in on the Camp Lovely fun.

When was the last time you stepped outside yours? I double-dog dare you to do it!

~Southern Fried Gal

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