Dogwood Tree Obsession

dogwood tree

It’s one of my favorite times of year – dogwood tree blooms are out in full force in Central Arkansas. I captured this gorgeous and HUGE tree on my drive home from work yesterday. I was five hundred shades of green wishing this beauty was in my front yard.


Here’s one of the blooms from the measly dogwood tree I planted in the back yard a few years back. It was a stick when I planted it. This is a bloom the first year it came back. It didn’t survive the second year. That broke my heart.  We had a wet winter that year and these beauties prefer well-drained soil.

dogwood tree

So for now I’ll drive the long way home everyday and admire the lacey, white leaves of as many as possible. Hopefully the neighborhood watch won’t turn me in for lingering and admiring these beauties. I promise to only take pictures and nothing more.

dogwood tree

I love how these trees grow under the canopy of the larger trees. The pure white blooms pop in a field of bright, spring green.

dogwood tree

What I admire most about these trees is their seemingly effortless nature. They don’t need to be the tallest or the brightest. Their natural beauty stands out. Their blooms are free flowing and airy. I think this is why my recovering Type A personality is drawn so much to them.


I mostly prefer the white dogwood tree, but every now and again a colored tree will steal my heart – like this one. Oh. My. Word. It’s so pretty! This neighbor offers a two-for-one special.

dogwood tree

We are lucky to have dogwoods in this neck of the woods. I found out a few years back via my blog that they don’t survive in the most northern part of the nation. Sad. If you are also fortunate to have them, I encourage you to slow down and admire their beauty. They will only be in bloom a short time. 

~Southern Fried Gal

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