Spring Door Decorations


spring door decorations

Spring is in full effect. Trees and flowers are budding and blooming. There’s so much wonderful inspiration for spring door decorations yet my door is undressed. I always have a few ideas floating around in my head but nothing has come together, yet. Last night I went through old posts looking for inspiration. My door is still empty. However the activity was not in vain as it provided inspiration for a quick compilation post.

I always try to do something a little different each year. It’s funny looking back and seeing the similarity across the years. I guess it’s hard to hide our signature styles. We like what we like. One thing you’ll find most in common is how easily and quickly each are to pull together.

spring door decorations

Check out the cross in the top picture. The primary colors are purple, green and brown which is the same as the basket of tulips and ivy. My favorite color as a child was purple. My room was various shades of purple. I even had purple shag rug carpet! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this color finds it’s way into my decorations as much as it does.

spring door decor decorations

I really like using live plants on my door when at all possible. It all started a few years back when I crafted this basket wreath on the cheap. The basket in the previous picture was a thrifty find at Tuesday Morning. Purple flowers have been replaced with white. The butterfly replaced with a mushroom. Both have variegated ivy.

spring door decorations

Check out the lines and colors of this look compared to the last one. In my mind these two looks were completely different. But really they are more similar than not. The basket has been swapped out for a metal bucket. Both are long and tapered. Both have a lattice design. Both have white flowers and greenery. Isn’t that funny? One big difference is live vs. fake plants. I’m not totally opposed to using fake flowers (as long as they look natural).

This was one of my favorite quick and easy projects. The metal bucket was hung from the door with ribbon. A daisy bush from the local craft store was plopped into the bucket. I added a bunny on a stick and a bow to finish it off because that’s what I had handy.

spring door decorations

Or if you prefer to stick with live flowers, squish a red solo cup (are you singing that song now?) into the bucket, fill it with water and add clippings from a pretty bush in your (or your neighbor’s) yard. Shhhh. Easy peasy, right? Be warned – house finches built a nest in this and I was stuck with dead flowers on the door until they were ready to fly.

I’ve just shown you that spring door decorations don’t have to be fussy or hard to pull together. So why is my door bare?

How about you? How is your door dressed for spring?

~Southern Fried Gal

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