Guest Post: Fresh Flower Wreath

I am excited to feature my first ever guest blogger. Please help me welcome Dianne at The Inspired Housewife. I am so thankful Dianne reached out to me with this fabulous Fresh Flower Wreath idea. You know I LOVE door decor and I’m OBSESSED with moss, so this project really hits the spot! Without further ado, here’s Dianne…
Artificial flowers are a growing trend at weddings, but I am still a big fan of the real thing. I made a wreath several years ago for my niece’s wedding shower and everyone loved it. When my best friend’s son and fiancee asked me to help decorate their reception hall, I thought a wreath just might be the perfect thing.

I simply bought a wire wreath, some florist foam and a few sheets of moss from the craft store. I cut the foam into thin pieces and soaked them in water. I then wired them onto the wreath and covered it all with the moss.

Caution!!!!! Moss plus foam equals a big mess…I always put large trash bags down before I start.

Once you have the base for the wreath done, the fun begins. I go out in my yard and start trimming my bushes. I love the way that azalea leaves look in the wreath so I tend to use a lot of those leaves, but I find using three different kinds of leaves gives the richest look.

In case you’re wondering what we are using to stab the foam, that would be a potato nail. Sometimes it is necessary to make small holes in the foam if your leaf stems are too wimpy…just be careful not to make the holes too big or your leaves will be falling out!

I then just added some fresh flowers from WalMart (since none happened to be in bloom in my yard at the time!) and we had a beautiful entrance to the Reception Hall.

We got so much bang for our buck that we later made some for my daughter’s wedding reception. (Southern Fried Gal Edit: This is my favorite – simply gorgeous!)

Now that spring is coming once again, I think it is time to bring out the supplies and make a spring wreath for my front door. I have found that as long as you mist the flowers daily, you can get almost a week out of the flowers and a couple of weeks out of the greens.

Do you ever put fresh flowers on your door?

~The Inspired Housewife

Don’t you love this idea? Thank you again, Dianne! I have been known to have fresh flowers on my door and it’s a fabulous twist on the traditional wreath. Please learn from me – don’t let birds nest in the fresh flowers.

Please drop over to The Inspired Housewife to say hello and check out some of her other ideas!

~Southern Fried Gal

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